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Thread: Out of levels to play

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    Привет!!! Почему после 2600 уровня остановилась игра. Когда будет продолжение игры

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    И я не хочу играть в эти сундуки. У меня сад за рекой не закончен. Ответьте пожалуйста. Спасибо

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kara gozlu View Post
    Привет!!! Почему после 2600 уровня остановилась игра. Когда будет продолжение игры
    Добрый день! Новые уровни выходят каждую неделю по четвергам и совсем скоро вы сможете продолжить восстановление сада
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    No para russki

    Having said that....I’m on level 2626 and I’m good and tired of the treasure chests. I get MAYBE 5 levels at a time s f then boom. Into treasure chests. And. As has been mentioned, once you are out of levels no extras.


    WHY NKT JIST GO BACK TO LEVEL 1000 and reissue them ??

    I’m really getting sick of it.

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    The treasure chests are extremely difficult, too, with minimal rewards on completion. I made a mistake and used a ton of boosters and coins to finish, but was disappointed in the results. Now I have to work on recovering all the stuff I lost. In the meantime, because I had reached max level, I was demoted in my league. Playing this game for years and truly disappointed in a “Sorry” because I didn’t maintain my level. What to do? I guess take a break for awhile and only watch videos for coins and spin the daily wheel for boosters.

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    why isn't a "treasure chest" available? I finished the last level and played "open chest" and the closest chest is available in 18 hours!

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