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Thread: Just Got The Zoo

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    Just Got The Zoo

    Having got the Zoo a few days ago I'm enjoying it but it sure does add to the headaches trying to produce stuff for the zoo cafe's etc as well as trying to keep the trains busy and the customers on the helipad. Of course my priority has to be given to the helipad cos that brings xp to help level up. Its certainly an interesting game now as well as fun.

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    Glad to hear someone's enjoying the newly acquired zoo, i still regret opening it immediately it when it became available
    Good luck with it, and as you may already know, there's an entire sub-forum centered on the zoo - Zoo Discussions, where you can find a lot of useful stuff coming from people who have their zoo at the max level, especially the Best Tips For New Players (Zoo Edition) thread!
    Have fun with it!

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    Ok thanks for that I'll check it out.

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