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Thread: Jazz Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissWilliamston View Post
    Sweet, try typing in her co-op name in the regatta search box...Regatta Dabblers
    Thanks MissWilliamston, I did try typing in town name, no luck. DD is right, I guess we are going to have to start PM coop tags to each other. I still do not fill comfortable placing mine back on, it's just "too crazy" for my taste right now

    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    Woohoo!!!! Love it! Don't forget to save some tokens for next theme
    Yea, I got to at least get me two more fountains, guess I will put them on my head (lol), BUT MUST have them

    NEW: I found Starshine (YEY), very nice job on town and zoo. Noticed you have the decoration (guess it was part of Chinese New Year Event) the monkey. Really hoping to get my hands on one of those, guess that was before my time.
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