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Thread: How Do I Stay In The Same League?

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    How Do I Stay In The Same League?

    I spend so much money on this game. I do not understand the ragatta. I move up a league then I get dropped down. How do I actually stay up a league. Very frustrating. Especially with all the money I spend.

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    For each regatta there are 3 zones.

    First 3 get promoted to a higher league if there is one.
    Middle pack from 4 to 12th stay in the same league.
    Bottom 3 get demoted to the lower league.

    If you want to avoid getting demoted, you have to finish in the first 12.

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    Maybe we could understand and help better if you could tell us your town level/how long you've been playing in the regatta, how many other people in your co-op are actually racing, and how many points on average you get each week, along with roughly how many tasks you/everyone else in your co-op complete.

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