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Thread: Upstairs?!

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    You get gold coins but absolutely zero stars. All you get for winning other than the coins is one of the 15 keys you need to open all the chests, which give you a minuscule amount of gold coins and a couple of boosters like airplanes.
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    Bethany, you might be right that we have to go back to the first chest game if you can't finish the new games in 48 hours. I just wanted to see what happens so I chose to play slower this time. I am back at the chest game now... This means that if you are not able to solve the 25 levels they were lately adding per week in 48 hours you keep on playing the same levels over and over...

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    Yeah, totally not worth it. Thanks for the head’s up!

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    Lol, Bethany. Your comment reminded me of something we used to say back in the day when I used to play WoW. A bit of a reverse of your comment was what we joked was Blizz's motto, "If it AIN'T broke, fix it!" 😀

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    848 and still working on the upstairs great grandpa museum...
    Plants here too...
    each task costs 3 or 4 stars to complete...
    As always, patience is key...

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    There is hope. Just keep playing.

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    Homescapes turns into Gardenscapes once you leave the kitchen. I uninstalled Gardenscapes as a result. It was like playing the same game with no return. I got back into the house around level 600. I think it is different for everyone. These games move too slow. I wish they would listen to us and make some changes.

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