(FYI I'm playing on iOS, iPhone)
I just made a new facebook profile with a township name and stuff, and my plan is to connect it to my town. Before I do so, I have some concerns and questions.

1. If I connect my township-facebook to my town, but then log out of the township facebook on my device and onto my personal facebook, will the township-facebook still be the one connected to my account? Or is that gonna make any problems not being logged into the same facebook account that I'm going to connect with township?

2. Am I going to lose my town if i'm not logged into the township-facebook on the device at all times? - If that, I dont want to connect it, I do not wanna lose my town!!

Im one of those people who doesn't want any "township friends" on my personal account, and thats the reason why I want my town connected to another facebook dedicated to township.

Sorry if this is in the wrong category, i'm new to the forums.

Hope this made any sense at all!
- Active Township player, level 55