I've been playing this a while, love this, love my fish.

but I've hit a wall. Now usually when this happens after a few hours maybe a day or two of determination the good game I need comes along and I'm back on my merry way.
But now it seems more like I'm being hindered...

I've made it to level 2400 and while the team make more levels I've been given 15 'special' levels to keep me occupied, like the herman challenge but just collecting keys and small extra gear. but I've been on level 5 of this for yonks now. I've been working through the unlimited lives I've had and aren't even within sight of getting close. I've used multiple boosters, ive tried multiple strategies to no avail.

Like I say usually if this happens then patience is the only medicine but this has been ridiculous and it would seem the game is stalling big time and I'm becoming very frustrated. Leo's electricity challenge is on at the moment and I'm looking at falling own a league because I cant play the game at all, usually its a challenge enough!

So what will happen here? Will I keep going? Will I stop playing until there's more normal levels for me to play? Willl completing these levels always be out my reach? Is this goodbye to the ruby league? I love this game, spent plenty playing it, am totally fine with it all but now I feel a bit cheated. Is there any help?