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Thread: Level 1728 bug

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    Level 1728 bug

    The goal of level 1728 is to break the ice. However the total needed to beat the level continues to rise every time the ice bergs produce more. Since the ice bergs never stop there's no way to eliminate all the ice.

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    The icebergs only increases when you dont destroy any.
    Use 2 lightnings at the end when the number of icebergs showing equals the number of icebergs required to finish the game.

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    I had the level complete. The complete music had played but during the ending shuffle of pieces another piece of ice formed and the level didn't end. Even during the level I've noticed new ice will form even if the last move broke some.

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    I play on android. i have the same problem than CRASHBERRy. i destroyed ALL the ice many times. I have the complete music played, but during the ending shuffle of pieces another iceberg come again and the level didn't end. The icebergs increase when i destroy ice OR NOT. How can i win ?

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    Please report this kind of problems from within the game. If you can, join a screenshot of the board with the goal at zero. I realize you may have only a couple of seconds to catch it but it would definitively proove the game is not ending correctly.

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