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    Upgrade Chat

    As a leader of a competitive co-op I think that the CHAT offered by Township, is lacking. Although it's nice to be able to chat and post requests, private conversations are difficult, as are in depth conversations about game play. FB is the only way to keep responsible Members apprised of ideas, decisions, requirements and changes to goals within your co-op.

    : Change chat to something we can work with. Also allow text suggestion as in this forum, like regular chat. Allow ability to change wording and mistakes without backspacing all the way to where needed. Allow more than 137 characters in chat.
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    Joy Fowler

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    i would like to see the addition of copy and paste in chat,it would make it easier when chating to someone in a different language using translator.

    oops just realised you can copy and paste, my bad, sooooo much easier and quicker
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    Hi Mark, how can you copy paste?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacquev View Post
    Hi Mark, how can you copy paste?
    Yes, Mark - how can you - unless you aren't using a mobile device!!! I can't copy and paste on a tablet or phone. How is it done???
    Joy Fowler

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