Yesterday, a few in our co-op were sitting around babbling. I requested some help for my plane.

Two different people filled it, at the same time.

We are pretty sure both got an envelope for helping, but it only listed one of them as the helper.

The other person did lose her items that she "filled" my crate with (even though the other person had already filled it).

They were both showing to THEMSELVES that they filled the crate, but I only saw one name. As we were talking about this in chat, a few others popped in and said they had the same thing happen to them, but only recently (in the last few days).

There was a screenshot taken, and it has been reported to Playrix.

Has anyone else run into this? I'm guessing the different servers may have not synced hence it was still showing the crate as fillable to one person and filled to the other.

I hope I made sense out of the kerfuffle.