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Thread: Option To Translate Co-op Chat (Merged)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwalls8732 View Post
    Why isn't there a translator built into the game? Trying to communicate with players in other countries in co-ops creates a disadvantage.
    I agree, it would be good to have a built in translator, or at least the ability to copy and paste so that you can use a translation tool without having to copy everything manually. I can imagine that in competitive co-ops it would be important for everyone to be able to understand the same language, but in more relaxed co-ops where people join mainly to chat and meet new friends in different countries it would be helpful to have some sort of translation aid, especially as the game supports so few languages.

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    Translator in game chat PLEASE

    It would be amazing to have a translator in game chat. If you write english but someone needs to read it in Russian it could be simple as pick your language & it auto translates so everyone can talk on game. Facebook translates & we use this as a tool for our team but its not working today! This game is all over the world...this should be a priority so we can play with others from different countries without having to google translate or facebook!!! Please Please Please!!! Your devs are so smart! I know this should be simple!!!! Thank you!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conilaque View Post
    You can use google translate or your translating app (if you have one). But I agree with Graylady and JPT_LFC. The prefered language tab has a purpose. It’s their fault if they join a co-op that doesn’t speak their language.

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    If I see a good player I want them in my co-op no matter what language they speak. Some players can't use the message board for lack of understanding.I think having an easy way to use google translater would help leaders.

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    Translating language in co-op chat

    All of co-op members are not from same country they use different languages. We can't understand their language, so please add a translation button for any language into English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddu View Post
    All of co-op members are not from same country they use different languages. We can't understand their language, so please add a translation button for any language into English.
    You can always copy their text and use Google translate to find out what they are saying and then compose a reply in Google translate to respond. Not as simple as a 'translate' button but better than not knowing what is being said.

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    We had different languages being spoken at one point and google translate didn't even work. This may be an impossible request.

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    Google translate might help - also cos "into English" is not needed in the many Coops with other languages, but a real translator - but there might be some legal stuff involved, when trying to get these two products together.

    And I thought copy & paste doesn't work in Chat; did that change?

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    Copy and paste doesn't work, but we can paste into chat. This means trying to manually type the foreign language into a translator, then typing a reply and pasting the reply in chat. I've used Google translate a lot in chat before now(or Google Yoda, as it's known in our co-op ) and it's very cumbersome to use this method, but also can be inaccurate and misleading. I have misgivings about relying on a translator with absolutely no knowledge of the foreign language I am trying to communicate in.

    As it's been quite alienating and lonely for those who can't communicate in English in our co-op, we've since decided to keep it English speaking only.
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    Would it be possible to have an auto-translating feature so that ALL the world can TRUELY play together without language barriers?
    (Like English changed to Japanese and vice versa...etc.)
    If you have a multi-cultured Co-Op.
    We found it difficult trying to look up and transpose and of course wording didn't always say what was intended.

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