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Thread: Option To Translate Co-op Chat (Merged)

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    We need to have a way to translate different languages in our groups

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    Do you mean an in-chat built-in translator?
    I think the co-op setting "preferred language" is meant exactly to avoid having to do that. Since the key for a smooth-running co-op is communication, the requirement that all members can speak and understand eachother in one language is important.

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    Auto translators don't work. Especially when you get mixed up with people using hieroglyphs.

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    Yeah, it doesn’t matter for co ops that don’t talk, (I gather such places exist), but for those that do, it’s kinda impossible to coordinate anything without a common language. I insist members have enough English to understand and react fairly fast.. otherwise it’s chaos. That’s what the language preference button is supposed to be for on the co op board. Bizarre how many people ignore that, though, and try to join teams anyway. Then I feel like a raging bigot for kicking with a message saying “sorry, no English” or whatever. Just gotta be able to share information with my team, don’t give a monkey’s about anything else.

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    It is an issue though. New co-ops accept any player in just to build numbers, new players join the first co-op they can get in...

    Now we have some good players that help and put up points, and only speak Chinese. Don't want to kick them, just... can't really communicate with them, which is a shame.

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    I think beside giving us the option to set the language to whatever we prefer it to be, there's nothing else (or better option) playrix can do about it.
    Everyone can see the language before they join a co-op, and some choose to ignore it. I can't understand why someone would chose to join an english-speaking co-op if they don't speak/understand english. It all comes down to the leaders to do their supposed job, and if they find that the language barrier is inconveniencing the co-op, kick them out.

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    I had a similar situation. We kept our non-English speakers for the same reason.. didn’t want to be harsh to players who were doing nothing wrong, per se. But then over time so many bad mistakes got made because of lack of mutual understanding that they gradually ended up leaving anyway over a period of weeks/months. So now we say thanks but no thanks from the very start. Seems fairer all round to me, given the flexibility and communication my co op relies heavily on. Don’t want to waste anybody’s time..

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    Same for us Bessville. We even mention French is mandatory in our description. I still get request from english speaking players. As I have no way of knowing in advance if they speak french or not, I grill them as soon as they enter the co-op. No exception at all : you are fluent in french or you are out. We too, rely heavily on good communication for the regata.

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    I would love to see at least copy/paste for this!

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    You can paste something in chat, you just can't copy something that's already there.

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