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Thread: Option To Translate Co-op Chat (Merged)

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    Chat e lingue

    Non è possibile copiare e incollare messaggi dal traduttore alla chat, sarebbe utile per poter comunicare con i compagni stranieri

    Merging this post with other related thread. Adding Google's translation while I'm here:

    Chat and Languages
    You can not copy and paste messages from the translator to the chat, it would be useful to be able to communicate with your fellow comrades
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    Non è vero non si.può incollare

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    It would also be nice if we could say that the co-op is bilingual or more languages so people would know that at least someone would translate.

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    Translation In Chat

    In a century of modern technologies if you don't know language, the built-in Google in the browser translates any page into the native language. In the union there are multilingual people where language not always international. Therefore it is difficult to communicate and convey any information to all members of the union. Especially when you have no idea in what language communicate with you: Japanese or Korean, and can be Chinese and so on. Would be great in a chat of the union also to build in the online translator.
    Or give the chance to copy messages from a chat and an opportunity to insert messages into a chat. That it was possible to understand insertion of the text in the translator that want from you and as that to answer because to print hieroglyphs not everyone will be able.
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    I second this motion! A lot of good players have wanted to join my co-op but the language barrier has sadly been a problem. ty&good day.

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    Language Barrier

    Could there be some kind of translation so I can understand what other people in my co-op are saying?

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    Co-op Chat Translator

    Why isn't there a translator built into the game? Trying to communicate with players in other countries in co-ops creates a disadvantage.

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    Probably because the leader decide who can stay in his co-op. It is his job to make sure everyone can understand each other.

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    If someone doesn't speak the language of the co op, it's their fault. It tells you the preferred language, so if it is a language you don't speak, why are you joining it.

    If some doesn't speak English and it says preferred language is English, do not join.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwalls8732 View Post
    Why isn't there a translator built into the game? Trying to communicate with players in other countries in co-ops creates a disadvantage.
    You can use google translate or your translating app (if you have one). But I agree with Graylady and JPT_LFC. The prefered language tab has a purpose. It’s their fault if they join a co-op that doesn’t speak their language.

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