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Thread: Feeding Fish & Cleaning Tanks

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    Bring back

    I used to love this game but now it takes too long to generate coins and diamonds than before. So I wish I could go back to feeding my fish in my old aquariums as well as cleaning aquariums. This sucks.

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    Feeding the Fish

    I suggest that we find another way to feed the fish. The constant tapping makes me feel like the game is reverting to child-like game techniques, and it is boring. One tap per tank should suffice, don't you agree?

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    Feed all aquariums

    Let us feed all of our aquariums - not just the last two or three.

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    yes i have nothing to d while waiting for new aquariums to open feeding others aquariums would be nice

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    賛成です。全ての水槽の魚を管理し あげたいですね。

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    I agree, I mean what's he point of creating your fish tank and adding all these fish if your never going to have a reason to go back and visit them! Not mention since you dropped the amount of coins you get, it would be nice to be able to earn more while waiting on lives to refill!

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