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    Hello, I'm hoping to get this all sorted out soon. I have read most of the threads in the gardenscapes forum and, am confused about the watch a video for coins feature. I have never had or, even after updating my game today, have the option to watch a video for coins...why? Is this one of the things that I need to report an issue in my game? Is it being made available to all players? If it's being worked on, how soon can we expect it? Will you actually give the incentive after watching the videos ( there are games I won't watch videos in because they never give you the incentive)? And do you get more then 50-80 coins (because if it is its it gonna be much help really, everything in the game is expensive to buy)?

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    Hi there. Nataly posted about the introduction of the videos feature but she did say that it needed polishing, probably in an update.
    I don't know when an update will be released but hopefully it will be soon.

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