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Thread: 26.09 Fishdom Quest!

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    26.09 Fishdom Quest!

    This competition is now closed, please see the last page of this thread for the results!

    Hi everyone!

    Our Fishdom Quest contest starts right NOW! But wait, what is this? Sheep, chickens and cows in Fishdom aquariums?! Somehow they got here without us noticing! Count how many of them are in the picture and post the number in this thread!

    Every player, who gives the correct answer (posted in this thread) within the next 48 hours, has a chance to win 300 diamonds! The names of 3 lucky winners will be announced on our Facebook page and the winners will be contacted via a personal message here on the forum. Well, let's count!

    Best of luck!
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    I see 13 farm animals

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    I see 13 animals

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    I see 13 farm animals
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    13 farm animals

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    I counted13

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    13 farm animals - 3 sheeps, 1 cow, 9 chickens

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    I counted 13 animals

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    I found 13 animals

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