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Thread: Seeds In A Two-Line Screen

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    Seeds In A Two-Line Screen

    My last suggestion is explained by my attachments.
    I would like to see every seeds in a one-only screen, without searching or scrolling.

    I know it is not available for every single platforms the game is played, but in my iPad there is enough space for doing that > see attachments.


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    I like this! I often find it annoying trying to decide which way I need to go when I am trying to find something.
    Good idea!

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    Sorry I don't like this idea, start taking to much room, i want to see the town I'm building, besides, it is easy enough to know the order, it goes from the 1st introduced, wheat, then corn and so forth. You can also go pretty much from least expensive to make to most expensive, with a few exceptions towards the end of the items being introduced. It also goes my the shortest time to make through the longest time to make, again except for the last few items introduced. Imthink that happened because the times were just getting to be to outrageous.

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    Count me in as a fan.

    Personally, I don't think it interferes with seeing the town, because it only pops up for a second when you click on an empty field. It goes away again when you select whichever seed you want so you can see your town again, and I already know which fields I want to plant what in when I click it, so I don't see it as a problem.

    The problem I would see is as in the example posted, if you go for sugarcane and hit silk by mistake, which would definitely suck.
    I suppose though that would just come down to us needing to be more careful.

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    I wonder what proportion of players are playing on tablets? Because it wouldn't affect those of us who play on phones, and personally I'd prefer to see programmer time spent on more important elements (like tying the intro music to the Sounds option!)

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