Hi everyone,
I'm Francesco, an italian Township player for more than a year.
I really enjoy the game and I have a bit of ideas for getting it more powerful and pleasant.
I will make a thread for every single suggestion, so it is simpler for you all to follow them.

One of my suggestions is: FIX FEEDING DUCKS

When ducks came up, I was so happy having new animals to feed.
Unfortunately, I think there's something not working properly.
I feel something is wrong, I don't know if it is the number of ducks, the idea behind giving different food, or the number of collectable feathers.
If we check any other farm, e.g. cowshed, we can have a maximum of 6 bottles of milk for every cowshed.
The price is 2 bags of cow feed. Very simply to create, gain and use.

For the ducks, we can have a maximum of 4 ducks, giving 4 down feathers and 1 colourful feather - only if we give them the most difficult food (the banana bread - useless telling you the price for creating it).

I suggest to revise the duck pier, maybe:
- adding more rewarded feathers when we feed them with classic bread
- adding cookies as a food for ducks or changing bagel with cookies
- lowing feeding time for bread or bagel
- adding one more duck feeder

There are just suggestions, I don't ask to activate them all! Thanks

I didn't have time to check if other people have already submitted this idea, if yes, I'm sorry!