Hi everyone,
I'm Francesco, an italian Township player for more than a year.
I really enjoy the game and I have a bit of ideas for getting it more powerful and pleasant.
I will make a thread for every single suggestion, so it is simpler for you all to follow them.


I love contests periodically released in the game and I play them all, always!
But since them rules are the same (e.g. these days there's the fishing in-game and the rules are the same of the past 2 fishing in-game) I didn't like seeing, watching, and being obliged to follow the tutorial for the third time.
I know tutorials are needed for the new players, so I am not asking for cut them off totally.
I just would like having the possibilities to turn tutorials off by my own.
For example, when a tournament is started and the tutorial is opened, putting a cross in a top corner showing the "tutorial will be closed" advice will help old players like me not liking too much this annoying lose of time.
I play several times a day but everytime for a small minutes sections, so losing half of my section for a tutorial is somewhat annoying.

If it is possible to put them in a silent mode, will be perfect!

I didn't have time to check if other people have already submitted this idea, if yes, I'm sorry!