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Thread: Lightening power up in timed games

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    Lightening power up in timed games

    Please consider pausing the time in the timed games when using the caution sign to clear pieces.
    It takes way too long and is almost impossible to beat a timed level due to the time it takes to use the lightening power up.
    It’s so frustrating. I mean, I know it’s only a game but still frustrating nonetheless.
    Hopefully it’s a quick fix that can be implemented soon.
    Thank you!

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    I agree but also the ticking bombs I'm on 882 & have been it's BS that they go off & they're not even unlocked & we don't have enough moves to get to them before they go off if u don't have lots if diamonds or other u can't do it BS

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    Shebearbug, You can pause the clock yourself whenever you want to: click on a hammer or switch, wait for the lightning to settle, then click on it again to release it and re-start the clock.
    This is also useful when things are happening too quickly and you want to survey the game before making your next move.
    Note: if you don't click on it again to release it before you make your move, you'll lose the hammer/switch; so don't forget.

    krayzegirl, the ticking timed cells are different. They count down a certain number of moves, not time. It's confusing, agreed.

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