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    Helicopter Videos

    Have just noticed that now I'm at level 40 the video's have stopped and a guy like Al Capone is in the area where I view who wants what and he asks for Ingots ? in return for 1 green back. Is this a new thing from now on and have the video's stopped now I'm level 40 ?

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    Hi Johnboy, the mafioso will not have replaced the videos. Just delete his requests for ingots as it is more beneficial to use them for your upgrades and ships. Once you reach the level to unlock the jewellery factory, you can sell jewellery to him for Tcash, which is more beneficial. Some do sell ingots to him though, so it is personal choice.

    The videos are random. Some have never had them, some receive them from time to time, some no longer receive them. He may just be waiting for you to complete or delete an order before appearing. Fingers crossed for you!
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    Ah right thanks for your reply. The video's have started again now.

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