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Thread: "New Task: Earn Coins" In The Next Seasonal Regatta

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    I just got one and it is for 72,500 coins. Yikes! Hopefully the coins will add up faster than I think. Happy sailing everyone!
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    Oof. Guess your average member level is a lot higher than ours.

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    Ours is 83,500, I’m avoiding them for now, until I get desperate for a 135

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    The coins expected vary by the individual player's level. My co-op member at town level 86, needs to earn 58,100. I'm at level 135, and I need to earn 83,500. Both of these are from the 135 point task. Haven't seen a mystery task yet. Someone other than me might want to compile the statistics for this task! Good luck. By the way, I collected over 44,000 coins in the first hour via all coin earning options.
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    I just took one for 38,400 at level 70. Done via helis in 5 minutes, basically same as a 135 heli task. Was nice. Teammates at lvl 83 and 85 are getting 58,100.

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    Okay, I’m at level 140 so it’s bound to be higher. I’ll wait till I’ve got all helicopters lined up then give it a go.

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    Yay, for once it pays to be a newb, haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Yay, for once it pays to be a newb, haha
    Haha, yup. My mini town loves this task, big town looking for something else to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mishy View Post
    Ours is 83,500, I’m avoiding them for now, until I get desperate for a 135
    Mishy, that is what I got, I am running on a booster for extra coins so I guess I will go for it
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    My town is not earning coins at all, nothing from crops, factories, feed mill, products, etc!!! Selling from barn, copters, mine, and helping others earns coins. Would contact support but they are useless and never respond or fix issues!!!

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