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Thread: When will the difficulty lies end?

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    When will the difficulty lies end?

    I finally cleared level 806 this morning... even after 16 attempts, I still had to use three shovels. This is an "easy" level. Right. Sure it is.

    Why does the game insist on assigning completely arbitrary "difficulty" labels to the levels? On average, I clear both "hard" and "super hard" levels in about 3-5 tries, sometimes on the first try, and yet there have been several so-called "easy" levels I've been stuck on for 10-20 tries.

    It has consistently been my experience that either the RNG is in a good mood, and it's hard not to complete a level (i.e. hardly even trying, and often with a half dozen or more moves remaining), or the RNG hates the player and it is impossible to complete a level, regardless of so-called "difficulty", or indeed come anywhere even remotely close.

    Please, Playrix, stop assigning completely arbitrary "difficulty" labels to levels that bear no relation whatsoever to how hard it actually is to get past a level. And please, also, consider adding a mechanism to help out players that are stuck on a level. (I see quite a few posts from frustrated players that get stuck on some level for "days" or even "weeks". I can only hope these people aren't trying many times a day, because if so, "weeks" would imply hundreds of failed attempts, and that's just insane...)

    Note: level 806 as I played it:

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    Here are a few other choice cases:

    • Level 854 is supposedly "hard". After clearing it on the first attempt, I can't see why.
    • Level 879 is "super hard". It took a whole two tries.
    • Level 835 also thinks it is "super hard", yet I cleared it on my very first try!

    And here are some other "easy" levels that... aren't:

    • Level 810 took "only" nine attempts, but that was because I was getting fed up and bought ten extra turns. With such a small playing field, it takes a lot of matches to get any of the mowers going, and until then, it's nearly impossible to make matches in between the rocks. By the time the board opens up, you're out of moves.
    • Level 820 is insanely difficult, and it's easy to see why. Similar to 810, all those honeycombs effectively restrict the playing field to a series of isolated columns which are almost impossible to form matches at the bottom, where you need them. Better hope it rains bombs, or you're SOL. This took nineteen attempts.
    • Level 826 continues the theme; it takes forever to active the mowers, and the restricted side columns make matches very difficult when they aren't vine-choked and immobile. This took fifteen tries.

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