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    Adding friends

    Is there any way to add friends on gardenscapes without having to add them as friends first on FB? It would be nice if there was an option to just add friends without having to do that as it creates an over abundance of FB friends that you really only play games with. Could you possible have some kind of thread that goes across the bottom of the page with players names that would like to be added to other players? And other than adding them on to our FB page how does it make them friends on here? Is this automatic if you add them from the add me thread? Thank you in advance for your consideration to this. Also if we could visit our friends gardens would be amazing.

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    I am not comfortable inviting loads of strangers to be friends on Facebook just so I can get additional lives in a game. This would mean that all those strangers would see personal details of my life and my friends lives. That is not acceptable to me or my friends. Please see if you can find another solution to adding friends in the game.

    I also play another game. In this game the I can connect with other players via my game account. It means that I only connect with users playing the same game. I can make a request for lives through the game and I can also send lives to anyone who is asking. There is no need for me to go searching for other users on FB trying to figure out who is playing the game and I don't have to share any personal details with strangers. Now that you have this forum it should be a relatively easy thing to set up a similar interface for New Acres for players to exchange lives and help each other.
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    For those of us who do not have a Facebook account, it would be nice to be able to add friends. I get you want to be able to advertise the game on Facebook but I know a lot of people who do not have a Facebook account who would play be inviting them through email.

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    I like to have many friends in this game but how can i add them with out going to my facebook..

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    Bonjour je souhaite ajouter des amis mais il joue sur une autre version moi je joue sur Google play et mes amis Windows play on essaye avec les code inpossible qui peut m'aider merci

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickael Oestlandt View Post
    Bonjour je souhaite ajouter des amis mais il joue sur une autre version moi je joue sur Google play et mes amis Windows play on essaye avec les code inpossible qui peut m'aider merci
    From google translate:
    Hello I want to add friends but he plays on another version I play on Google play and my friends Windows play we try with the inpossible code that can help me thank you
    Assuming you're talking about Township, not Gardenscapes, the two platforms - Android and Windows are separate and not compatible with each other. That means that you cannot interact with players from different platforms: you can't add them as friends, visit their towns or join the same co-op.
    The only compatible platforms that can interact are Android - iOS - Kindle.

    En supposant que vous parlez de Township, pas Gardenscapes, les deux plates-formes - Android et Windows sont séparés et non compatibles les uns avec les autres. Cela signifie que vous ne pouvez pas interagir avec des joueurs de différentes plateformes: vous ne pouvez pas les ajouter en tant qu'amis, visiter leurs villes ou rejoindre la même coopérative.
    Les seules plates-formes compatibles qui peuvent interagir sont Android - iOS - Kindle.

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