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Thread: 29.12 Fishdom Quiz

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    1.b, 2.c, 3.b, 4.b, 5.a, 6.a, 7.a, 8.b, 9.a, 10.c

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    1. B
    2. C
    3. B
    4. B
    5. C
    6. A
    7. A
    8. C
    9. B
    10. C

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyuba Mashkarina View Post
    Hey, Fishdomers! Want to find out how much of a Fishdom pro you are? Take this short but funny quiz and leave your guesses in the comments. We'll post the correct answers on January the 7th! Best of luck

    1. What fish do you buy first in Fishdom?
    A. It’s a Surgeonfish. No wonder this fella is on the app icon!
    B. It’s a Clownfish for sure!
    C. I bet it's a Flame Angelfish! This guy looks awesome

    2. Who is the most famous pearl collector in Fishdom?
    A. Leo the Ray always asks to collect something, does that count?
    B. I’ve seen some suspicious Hermann the Crab character, is he the one who is stealing pearls from me?
    C. Sir Lawrence Goldflipper, who never misses the chance to get another shiny pearl!

    3. When do we get to know the squid?
    A. I feel like I’m stuck with them from the very beginning.
    B. At about level 300? They’re very cute creatures though
    C. Somewhere around level 1000? Never met these guys, what do they do?

    4. How do you get rid of the corals?
    A. You don't! Why get rid of them when they’re so beautiful?
    B. Easy as pie! You need to match the same-colored pieces next to the corals. Powerful boosters also work just fine! I’m a fan of your tutorials!
    C. You make matches with them, that’s the only way! What are these corals anyway?

    5. How many aquariums are there in total?
    A. I can only see eight. Fingers crossed, it’s not the end!
    B. I’ve got four of them! Still planning their design; there are so many options!
    C. Ok, 1, 2 .. 17! Btw, what about opening the next one?

    6. What’s the first cluster of aquariums called?
    A. Classic themes.
    B. Basic things.
    C. Fantastic worlds.

    7. Who leads you through all the tutorials in the game?
    A. Tina the Turtle knows it all!
    B. I bet it’s the first fish that we get.
    C. No one! But when I need help, your Support guys are always there for me!

    8. What is the color of Hermann’s Bathyscaphe?
    A. I saw some red vehicle in the Farm aquarium, is that the one you’re talking about?
    B. “We all live in a yellow submarine”
    C. Blue. Because blue is the new black

    9. How many friends do you need to visit to complete the first round of the Big Company achievement?
    A. 40! Or was that 50? So many things to remember…
    B. I’m sure that we only need 10 friends to complete the first round.
    C. Add me!

    10. What do you need to collect to recharge Leo the Ray?
    A. Pearls. Isn’t he that pearl collector you were talking about earlier?
    B. Diamonds? They are the most useful thing in the game after all
    C. That’s an easy one, we feed this energetic guy with bolts.

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    1b 2c 3b 4b 5c 6a 7a 8b 9b 10c

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    Here are my answers
    thanks for the brain teaser.

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    Love my fish. Love the game.

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    1.B. É um Clownfish com certeza
    2.C. Sir Lawrence Goldflipper, que nunca perca a chance de obter outra pérola brilhante!
    3.B. Em aproximadamente o nível 300? Eles são criaturas muito fofas, embora
    4.B. Fácil como torta! Você precisa combinar as mesmas peças coloridas ao lado dos corais. Potutores poderosos também funcionam bem! Sou fã de seus tutoriais!
    5.C. Ok, 1, 2 ... 17! Btw, e a abertura do próximo?
    6.A. Temas clássicos.
    7.A. Tina the Turtle sabe tudo!
    8.B. "Nós todos vivemos em um submarino amarelo.
    9.B. Tenho certeza de que só precisamos de 10 amigos para completar a primeira rodada.
    10.C. Isso é fácil, nós alimentamos esse cara energético com parafusos.

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    1. B
    2. C
    3. B
    4. B
    5. C
    6. A
    7. A
    8. A
    9. B
    10. C

    Gotta be honest here, #9 is just an estimated guess because I'm currently friendless in the game. Love Fishdom though. The fish may want some new things to say though 😊

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