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Thread: no friends - cannot add friends - list is always empty

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    no friends - cannot add friends - list is always empty

    no friends - cannot add friends - list is always empty
    no way to add anyone to game, list says invite but constantly empty, have reported problem using report bug on url at bottom of game since i started playing over a week ago and nada. plus lvl 50 gets to middle of my playing with one troll to find and it tells me my computer is too slow for game, does something, tells me to change it in settings and tosses me out, have tried to play same lvl:
    213 times so far, i feel like you dont play unless you pay

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    Im on level 1400, no friends. Tried to add them over and over but they always disappear. Ive never spent a penny on the game either. Some levels I get stuck on for days even weeks but I always get them eventually.

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    Hello, why do not you get an answer from you. It's still not possible to play friends through Facebook Gardenescape. I'm only at level 155. I'm not making any headway. So many users complain and you change nothing.
    Neither the Gameroom, nor directly in Facebook, it has been considered this error. Not all have a tablet or phone with Android system. You should also take care of the players who want to log in to the PC and laptop.

    Please make it possible to invite friends.

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    Did you ever get an answer? I have the same problem. When I play on my Kindle I can add all my Facebook friends but on Gameroom....none

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    Been 5 weeks now still can't send or recieve lives as there is no envelope allso can't invite friends.Contacted soport and still no reply.

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