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Thread: Confirmation For “Free Load” Coupons [Merged]

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    Confirmation For “Free Load” Coupons [Merged]

    On 3 different occasions, I have inadvertently selected the “Free Load” coupon when filling a crate on a train or plane, but had that product in my barn. Can you please add some sort of “Are you sure you want to use your ‘Free Load’ coupon?” confirmation step before automatically using it and filling the crate. It’s very frustrating if your finger is off by a millimeter and you select that when you just waited several hours for goods to be produced because you were saving those freebies for some crazy plane request. Thanks!

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    Good idea! I’ve accidentally selected this option too!

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    Train & Plane Coupons

    I do not know if this has been wished for,could not find anything.If somebody can suggest something to help will also appreciate it,but please,can there be a yes/no confirmation when loading train or plane carts and crates with a free coupon?I keep on accidentally using mine on products that I do have ,kicking myself afterwards does not help,the coupon that I have saved for a really difficult crate or cart is gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llydia View Post
    I do not know if this has been wished for,could not find anything.
    for a search: If you look for the word "confirmation" / in titles only, you'll find at least two other threads with this wish. And that should really be enough for the wish to be considered by Playrix soon!

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    Thanks DD😁

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    Crate Coupon Confirmation?

    Why not have the game ask something along the lines of “Are you sure you want to use a coupon?” when filling crates? It might help reduce the number of accidental coupon usages. I’ve accidentally used coupons filling crates when I actually had the items available. Might be a nice thing for users of touchscreens. At the very least, maybe have the coupon button separate from the rest of the buttons if people don’t want to have to click a second time. Just anything to help prevent accidental coupon usages will be greatly appreciated.
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    I’ll second that. Done it myself.

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    7 coupons. 6 used in error.

    You've got my vote too.

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    Train/Plane Coupon Confirmation

    Hi there, not sure if this is possible but I would like to have the game ask for confirmation before using a train/plane loading coupon. My 2 year old likes to "help" me play and twice she has accidentally pushed the coupon instead of the regular load button. I know it asks for confirmation before speeding up tasks by using t-cash so I would appreciate something similar for this.

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    I'm all for a confirmation for using the train/plane coupons, since sometimes you might be playing and your finger slips on the screen for whatever reason and you click that instead of the LOAD button, but I had to seriously laugh at your reasoning for requesting it.

    My co-op leader had her younger child (although not as young as 2!) help her play the HoL a few rounds when one of those special t-cash offers during the last event popped up, and childling, being all helpful and everything, said SURE and spent her t-cash to buy up a whole bunch on bottle caps that she didn't need one bit.

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