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Thread: Confirmation For “Free Load” Coupons [Merged]

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    Ask confirmation when clicking on the ticket to load crates for free

    Ask confirmation when clicking on the ticket to load crates for free (if you have the tickets for that)

    The different buttons (ask for help and x/x load) are very close to each other.
    Especially on mobile phone screens are small. A mistake is easily made.

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    I agree. A confirmation button would be nice ������
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    Yes, good idea I have made this mistake too many times

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    What is this train/plane coupon I bought weeks ago good for? At no time have I ever been asked to use it or ever seen any reference to it. What does it do? Im on level 33.

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    James, the coupon is good for filling your own or your friends' planes and trains crates. When you go to fill, the coupon should be the 2nd box down, right under the 'fill crate'. It should show how many coupons you have available for use.

    Hope this helps
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    OMG yes please to this. The amount of coupons I have wasted. Even more annoying when you accidentally fill someone elses easy crate with a coupon!

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    AND for ALL CONFIRMATION OPTIONS: please put confirmation button somewhere OTHER than where user just touched ( so a touching of the screen does NOT accidentally get seen as a double tap that selects something then uses tcash to speed it up.)

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    This forum format is confusing. Not user friendly. I dont know how to find anything.
    I have questions. I THINK I posted a question somewhere about a plane/ train coupon I bought weeks ago. I have never been gjven an opportunity or option to use it. Nothing appears when loading. What good is it? I paid for it. Why dont people respond? Maybe they do but I cant figure out this forum/community thing. I guess I am on my own on this game. Frustrating.

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    James, if you scroll up a few comments above this one, I think you got some answers.
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    The only options during loading a plane or train are load and ask for help. The train coupon where I bought it is grayed out and says 1/1.

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