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Thread: Confirmation For “Free Load” Coupons [Merged]

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    One of my towns I play on the bus on my way to work and back. Hard to tell how much of the coupons I lost thanks to the bumpy ride each day. And not playing with "fat fingers", but a pencil. Boy, how much a confirm button would help here!
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    Fill ticket buttons

    The train/plane/zoo order free till ticket button should be moved away from the give or fill button. I have mistakenly clicked the button to use one of my tickets more than once.

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    I've lost count how many times I've accidentally done this! It would be nice to have a "confirm" like the spending of t-cash rather than an instant free fill.
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    I've added this suggestion to the Frequently Suggested Ideas list, i really hope it's something we'll see implemented soon!
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    I would say 95/100 of my coupons are spent accidentally. They know this. They will never fix this. They hate the word free. They want our $$$$$. I’ve complained many times. You are wasting your time.

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    Add a confirm message for coupons.

    Just to stay on the safe side, because It is frustrating to waste a coupon by miss clicking.

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    confirmation for using "free load" coupon

    The free load coupons are great, but mine always seem to be used accidentally. It's very easy to hit the "free load" instead of the the "load" button when loading trains and planes, especially on a small phone screen. Please add a confirmation window when a "use free load" button is selected.

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    Spend coupon

    To spend a coupon, it should give a second time option if you are sure you want to spend it some times. Is not what we want. And coupon is lost.

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    Confirmation for coupon and tcash use

    Too many times I've accidentally tapped the coupon to fill an order that I have the product for as well as accidentally paying to speed up a crop when I'm actually trying to plant, can we get an confirmation option after tap or separate the load and coupon...confirm for TCash should also be an option given to us

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    I've done this too. This especially happens many times now because the coupons button is located on top. If you have no coupons you are used to pressing the ask for help button which is located up top ,then when you all of a sudden have coupons You are so used to hitting the top button that you accidentally use a coupon. Not sure why they changed this!

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