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I need help,my game in gardenscape i lost it..my previous game was on my old cellphone but sad to say..my kid destroy my cellphone...and i buy new one..and i install gardenscape again..but suddenly they ask me if i'd like my previous game or the current game..but i click the wrong tab...please help me...i need my previous game its very high level already thats why i need to back again my old game...my level was on 1,200 plus already...PLEASE HELP ME...IM STILL HOPING...THANK U
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me too .. how we can restore ir please
Hi guys! If you clicked the wrong button, unfortunately your previous game was deleted and it's not possible to restore it via Facebook anymore. Please reach out to our Support Team for further assistance. Be sure to let them know your exact level and last garden tasks you completed before losing your progress. Our staff will do their best to assist you.