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Thread: 27.12 Austin's Special Interview with Senior Project Manager Vlad Kuligin

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    27.12 Austin's Special Interview with Senior Project Manager Vlad Kuligin

    This holiday season we’ve got a very special interview for you, guys! Austin has made it all the way to Saint Petersburg to talk to the Gardenscapes Senior Project Manager. Take a stroll around the city sights with Vlad Kuligin and find out what’s waiting for you in the game very soon!

    Hey, Austin! Welcome to Saint Petersburg, the Venice of the North!

    Thank you, Vlad! I’m really enjoying my time here with all the snow and the stunning architecture… But I must admit, I miss the green of our gardens already.

    Don’t you worry, I’ll try to be quick so that you can get back home soon.

    Let’s start with questions then! The first one is: how big is the Gardenscapes development team?

    I’d say the core team is around 70 people at the moment, but the number of people involved in the whole process is more than 120 and it just keeps growing.

    How long did it take you all to create the game?

    Gardenscapes had been in development for about four years before it was released. During that time we experimented with a lot of concepts before finally settling on the match-3 genre. That choice was actually quite surprising for the whole team, but as you can see it has worked out really well!

    Where is your development team based? You must be surrounded by beautiful architecture and nature to be able to create landscapes and decorations like the ones in Gardenscapes!

    Thanks for the compliment! Our team is quite international with people working from more than 19 countries around the world. The majority are from Russia and neighboring countries. Maybe a harsh climate and lack of summer in a lot of those regions makes us want to create such lush and appealing gardens *laughs*

    Ha ha, I can imagine! By the way, could you let us in on the secret about how many more levels and areas you have in store for the players?

    Tons of them! It’s not a secret. We’re just warming up, and there are a lot of ideas and plans coming down the pipe.

    Can you give away any spoilers? Maybe just the tiniest one!

    Well, okay. Not so much of a spoiler, more of a promise rather: we’re opening a large new area at the beginning of the next year. More adventures, plot twists, and new pets are coming up!

    Wow, I can’t wait to see all that! And speaking of pets, just wanted to mention that our pup is so adorable! Do many of the developers have dogs? And do they use them as inspiration for our cute in-game pup?

    You bet! The whole training event came to life thanks to one of our colleague’s dogs. Pets are the best sources of inspiration!

    I totally agree! And I’m sure that a lot of developers have cats too…

    Ha ha, I knew you’d ask, Austin! Well, you also have a cat at your parents’ house, and a parrot too...

    I do! But sometimes I just wish I had them all in one place, so the pup could play with the cat, and I could redesign both the garden and the house at the same time...

    We thought of combining both games into one for some time, but I’d say that idea is a bit crazy. First of all, they are still two completely different stories and it would be very problematic from the technical point of view. And anyway, isn’t it cool to have two whole games instead of one about a character that players love so much?

    I’m flattered! But it seems to me that some players wanted to see another character in my place — younger and with more hair...

    Come on, it’s not about age or appearance… What matters most is your personality. I’m sure that our players value your kind heart, your charm, and sense of humor.

    Aw, you’re the sweetest! But I understand that it’s not just me that keeps players coming back to the garden, it’s also those fun match-3 puzzles that they get to beat. Some of our gardeners have troubles with the difficulty of those puzzles. Can you comment on that?

    Of course! That’s always been one of the hottest topics because our player base is so huge and diverse. Imagine balancing the game for an audience of 100 million players. Some of them are looking for a challenge, and some enjoy the story and just want to play casually. We’re always listening to their feedback and trying to find the golden mean between those two types. That’s why we keep adding new competitions and events with generous prizes and have doubled the rewards for the hardest levels. We try to keep the game both challenging and rewarding. And that’s no easy task, believe me!

    Fair enough. Do you play the game yourself?

    How can I not? It’s my job *laughs*

    What’s your level then?

    When we’re developing new levels and areas I usually go through them, but I like to play after work too. I play with my wife and now we’re at level 998. She is actually one of the main critics of my work and thanks to her honest feedback I get to see the game through the eyes of our players.

    Ah, I wish there was somebody in my life who could share my burdens at work too…

    You know what they say, Austin, just keep looking! Anything is possible as long as you believe in it

    I sure hope so! Thank you for answering my questions today, Vlad! Say hi to the rest of the team and enjoy the holiday season!

    Thank you. I hope you have a great 2018 — and something tells me that you will It was a pleasure talking to you, Austin! Take care!
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    Thank u for answering my Question, greatly appreciated, hope u all had a great Christmas and have a great and wonderful New year, thanks kathy

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    Thank you for the questions answered! That was fun! 😆

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    What a nice interview! Thanx Vlad and Austin!

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    Vlad as in "Dracula"?
    So that's why!

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    Must be nice

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    I need help,my game in gardenscape i lost previous game was on my old cellphone but sad to kid destroy my cellphone...and i buy new one..and i install gardenscape again..but suddenly they ask me if i'd like my previous game or the current game..but i click the wrong tab...please help me...i need my previous game its very high level already thats why i need to back again my old level was on 1,200 plus already...PLEASE HELP ME...IM STILL HOPING...THANK U

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    Try deleting app and re-downloading it

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    me too .. how we can restore ir please

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    Thanks for the charming cute interview! You love the game and so it has to be! <3

    Happy New Year 2018!

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