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Thread: Too hard

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    Too hard

    You really are making some of the levels too hard, especially with levels that have two boards to clear. You should allow the player to carry over any boosters from board to the next. Or give add area extra moves.

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    I agree. I even saw one with 3 boards to beat. They don't give enough number of canes sometimes too. There's no reason why I should spend 2 weeks on a level. It's a way to get them to make you buy coins. I think people would buy more coins if they weren't 900 coins to get 5 extra lives. It's way too much

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    Mistake in spelling

    Chances**** not canes.

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    I agree. Some levels are too hard

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    I agree. Some levels are just ridiculous. I play for fun and being stuck on a level for days or weeks just makes me want to uninstall and find something that is more fun.

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    I would like to see less "hard" levels. I think I'm getting too many of them in the 800s now.

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    i need friends i play everyday for hours please add me if you want thx

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    You'll probably want to put your name in this thread, Scott. It's where people go when they're looking to add Homescapes friends.

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    Join our co-op The Daydreamers

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    Tell me about it! It used to be hard levels came every 5 levels, now they seem to be every 3 or so levels.
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