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    The Winter Holiday Tour Of Towns 6, Love 1 Another

    Let’s do another of these, on this, your Christmas Eve, and I think you will be well pleased with the town we shall visit together. It is appropriate for this time of year. Go then to the town “Love 1 Another” which can be found in Solo Co-op (#SX76PF).

    The creator has planned everything so that you are greeted by Christmas and it is almost on a par with Kitty’s town which we visited earlier. It is a kaleidoscope of reds and greens and takes your breath away. The creek is effective around the town sign and the hues of the creek compliment the blue overtones of the snow shadows.

    A fresh snow has fallen on Love 1 Another. Adjacent to the town sign is a residential area, where one can see the children having a snow fight which is appropriate. The simple trees chosen go well with all of this adding charm and beauty.

    Love 1 Another has one of the better treatments of the Golden Yacht Trophy with the four fountains. That was a nice touch don’t you think? And to the upper right you will see another innovation with the Statue of Liberty encircled by some of the nicer Walk Of Fame Statues. Both of these are appealing and eye candy.

    Going through this town, you get the impression that a master designer laid it all out. Everything is thoughtfully conceived and well executed. The cross is one of the most subtle you will ever stumble upon in a town. The birthday cake area is another stunner where complimentary and contrasting colors make the whole bigger than the parts.

    There is just too much to tell about this town, so I will leave it for you to find all those other nice touches and little hooks that will keep you coming back to this one. I’m a hack, this person is an artist.

    Merry Christmas,
    God bless you
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    Be kind.

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    Not getting any search results for that tag..

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    Sorry about that, I caught it after I posted. The 5 should be an S.

    My bad.
    Town - DALISCAPE
    Coop - seul en mer(#SEU82G)
    Be kind.

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    Lovely town. Gonna be a shame when all the snow melts
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    Thanks for including this town on your winter holiday tour, Cobalt....i love the christmas lay out, and the town has been set out beautifully....a town to aspire to!
    Merry Christmas!
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    Awesome town! thank you, Cobalt!
    and Merry Christmas

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    It’s extremely smartly done, and clearly a lot of attention to detail has gone into it. I think the treatment of the houses is particularly fine and I agree the trophy area is a triumph. It’s just a little busy for my dodgy eyesight. I think I’ll need a town with a little more breathing room when I grow up, if I want to avoid permanent squint-face I’ve definitely squirrelled away a few ideas though, which is the highest compliment I can pay. Thanks Cobalt!

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