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Thread: Infinity Lives (Merged Thread)

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    Infinity Lives (Merged Thread)

    When you win infinity lives for two hours the should be something you activate, not something that immediately begins. Some people have actual lives.

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    Agreed. I came here to also say this. Especially for people who have to work or go to school, it would be better to activate it, instead of having it be instant.

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    Make it a prize worth having.

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    Agreed. Put the infine hearts in an envelope, similar to the setup with the single hearts.

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    I agree completely and registered just to make this comment. The one point I would like to add is that this incentives me to not play the game. I play this game to help me fall asleep and between this and timed levels, I may need to find a new game to help me do that. I really only play games to help me fall asleep and I am really enjoying this one and hope to be able to stick with it for awhile.
    As other commenters have suggested, I agree that something in an envelope would be the ideal solution to the infinite lives reward.

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    So with the new grow your flower game I anticipated that there maybe infinite life in the second prize. So as I completed the level that would open that box I closed the app and came back to it later when I did have time. That did work and the 2 hours started then.
    So after work I played for an hour of the 2 and finished enough levels to open the final box. Which had a prize of 6 hours inifinte lives. Which also started immediately and added to my hour remaining. But I was ready for bed. Such a huge prize and I had to let it go as it is unusable. I had 7 hours of inifinte life. Crazy!

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    I agree. This is an easy issue the devs could and should address to show the community they do read and listen to feedback.

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    "Infinity" lives should go to mailbox

    I would like to suggest the "infinity" lives go into the mailbox rather than straight to the timer. I miss out so much on using it. An example would be yesterday. I finished a quest and got 3(?) hours of play. Then I spun the wheel and won another 30 minutes. I only got to play about 5 minutes before I had to stop. All that time was wasted. If it went into the mailbox, I would have been able to use that time.

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    I AGREE! Infinite lives should go to the mailbox, so player's can get the most out of prizes! Not just prizes from events but jackpot on the daily bonus wheel also.

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    yes! I agree.

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