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Thread: Unequal star used to do quest!

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    Nataly, I think Playrix simply must be aware already that it is not a one-player-issue and should not try to make a compensation relevant to reports of single players, but offer a general solution by themselves.

    F.e. I saw on a you-tube-video by chance that the player there had more moves than I, so I assumed I have the harder version. But also thought I had seen here somewhere a "we are working on it"-reaction to the multiple player reports here. And frankly, I don't have time to compare all stars and moves and levels just to provide you with "proof" for something you (Playrix) are obviously aware of.

    Also, I didn't see an update in the PlayStore since your news-post yesterday. Could you please tell the version we should have installed to have the (so far) fixes?
    That would be really helpful to know which version we should have. When it was announced on the forums that the unequal star bug had been fixed (partially, since players clearly have not been reimbursed yet for the stars stolen from them) there was no new update in the App Store, so I assumed it was something internal that happened. I am still waiting on my request after being asked to resend it twice (the numbers are 1052812, 1078813, 1081821, respectively). Hoping to have answers soon...
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