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Thread: QUESTION Re: Filling Town Orders - The Mafia Guy

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    QUESTION Re: Filling Town Orders - The Mafia Guy

    Why when filling townspeople's orders, one of our customers -- the Mafia guy -- seems to be broken? I mean, he only asks for our ingots - different amounts each time - and he uses the same line every single time: "This envelope has a list and a down payment in it. You know the rest..." This has been going on for several weeks now. Even if we 'dump' his order, he comes right back with the same line & basically the same request (only different amounts of ingots each time).

    He's offering, as payment for filling his order, a nice amount of XP points and $1. If we fill his order, he comes right back with the same request, but with a different amount of ingots he's requesting. The large amount of XP points being offered isn't enough to surrender so many ingots (EVERY TIME HE POPS UP), AND who wants too be constantly faced with the same request over & over & over & over by this guy? Everyone in my co-op has expressed how annoying/unnerving that is, and wonder why. Is he broken??? Can you change it so he's asking for different items like the rest of the town's people?

    Mama Dee
    the FUNTIMERS co-op

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    Please see my answer to that question after your first post about it.

    When posting a question on the forums, please be patient. Nobody is here 100% of the time to answer questions. It may take a while before someone visit and answer you.

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    Perhaps someone should 'Make him an offer he can't refuse'

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