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Thread: Balloon event?

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    Balloon event?

    I don't understand the new balloon event. The instructions say to fill helicopter orders to advance. I have filled two orders, but the 'personal goals' area still shows zero. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Hi Nelly: filling helicopter orders earn you balloons. These balloons are then used in the Event Center to create inflatable decorations. Tap on one displayed and it will show how many balloons you need to complete the item. Once you have enough, you will advance with each completed item.
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    Hi Nelly

    To add to Nana's post, you earn balloons in 3 colors : blue, green and orange. Once you see a green checkmark over the balloons buton on the bottom, click on it. In the event window, you will have 3 possible decorations. Above them is a square with the number of smiles and XP you will earn. When you have enough balloons to create one, the square will be green instead of cream. Click on the decoration and click on the button MAKE. The smiles earned will go to your meter on the left.
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    Ah I see now - thanks for the info!

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