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Thread: Fb connecting failed

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    Fb connecting failed

    I have a problem connecting to fb after I disconnect few hours ago. I don't know if you are famillar with this problem so i wanted to let you know 😊 Thanks and happy holidays!

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    Hi! I still can't connect to Facebook, is anyone working on this problem?😔

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    Hi there! Have you got the Facebook app on your device? If no, then could you please try to install the latest version of it? I'll be waiting for the results!

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    Hello! I don't have Facebook app, I haven't had it before, but still, I was able to connect to fb. It's very tricky when you have no help from friends even more now when Christmas and New Year contest are on! Ok, I will install Facebook app and see what is going to happen' 😊

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    Hi! I manage to connect to Facebook after installing Fb app but I'm not going to keep it on my device because it's slowing it and buggin' and laggin'.. I didn't know that there are some changes about a Facebook app being a must have if you want to connect through the game. Thanks anyway!

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    Glad to hear that it helped! Also, we're going to fix this problem in our future update, so everything should be fine even without the FB app

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