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Thread: Short a prize for the regatta

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    Short a prize for the regatta

    We are a 2 member coop that just broke off and started this week. We understand that being in the wooden league that we were to do 7 tasks but we both bought the extra task and did 8/7 and each task was 135 point value. We have a total of 2160 but it shows we need to get to 2430 to claim the 5th chest. This is impossible since we can not buy anymore and we have already done 8 tasks at 135 each.
    How are we to claim the 5th chest

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    With only 2 racers, you can't get them all. Seem you need to be at least 3 racers in wooden league. In silver and gold, we need to be 4 racers to earn all the chests.

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