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Thread: Township Beta Testers - ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akila View Post
    I didn't make any "disparaging" remarks.
    That editing comment is because I removed the portion of Beth's post that was quoted. Apologies for the confusion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beth61477 View Post
    Wow... incredible. If even a fraction of the time was spent in actually responding to messages as was editing posts, there would be a lot less frustration among customers. Simply amazing.
    I understand that we're easy targets for players to vent their frustration. But again, we don't work for Playrix.

    Moderating is a volunteer position that asks us to enforce the forum rules. If repeated personal insults or digs (even vague or phrased as a question) are allowed, it makes the forums a very negative and unhelpful place. This space means a lot to players (even when customer support is not at its best) and we'd like to retain its value as a mostly positive resource.


    I've contacted admin both by PM and email. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything back.
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    Hello am home bound and on all the time any chance you could use another user

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