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Thread: Badly need a shortcut tab for barn

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    Lightbulb Badly need a shortcut tab for barn

    I am quite sure everybody will agree with me that we all would appreciate a shortcut tab for barn. Everytime I try to harvest my crops, discharge the ships, or collect items from factories or shops this frustrating 'Barn is full' notification pops up and what really is annoying is the fact that we need to find the barn an my entire island to get it fixed. Since barn size is limited and it is of such importance, wouldn't it be nice if we at least have a shortcut to reach there? Please consider it for the love of Township 🙏😭😘💛

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    Hi. It is unlikely Playrux will implement this as they have said they won't implement "Special icon for Port/Zoo/Mine/etc in the main interface;". (Note the 'etc' in there) as per this thread

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    I am so with you, though. If we knew the size of the barn prior to completing a step, we could sell items off, in advance.

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