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Thread: Add chat amongst individual friends.

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    Add chat amongst individual friends.

    This would be a fun and unique idea. To add specific chat window so we could talk to our friends which are not in our coop but in our friends.

    I left one coop and entered another. And because I have no authority in that group to add friends to the new coop it would be nice to message them and say "hey come join THIS coop" instead of losing this great player and or friend.

    Thanks for consideration.
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    I agreed!
    l also want to add

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    Agree, like this idea

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    At the very least, we should be able to msg friends, and co-op team members. This is especially true for leaders. It's virtually impossible to contact passive players who don't post in chat (let along answer direct questions). We have to kick them with a message & ask them to rejoin & go to chat. How crazy is that?

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