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Thread: How many stars awarded per level?

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    How many stars awarded per level?

    Hi, I was wondering how many stars you are awarded per level. I ask because my boyfriend and I started playing Gardenscapes around the same time, and he ended up getting way ahead of me in garden progress while I was way ahead in level progress. I was on level 74 and hadn't even put the swing up on the treehouse, while he was at level 54 and was already on the next day. A 20 level difference is kind of disheartening and has put me off the game a bit. I can only think that maybe I wasn't doing as well and therefore earning less stars per level, or maybe I had some weird bug that either spent extra stars or I just didn't gain them. The only difference in how we played was that I spent my stars immediately to make my garden pretty and he saved up a few on the early levels before spending them on garden improvements. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    I get one star for every level I complete.
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    Is there a way to get extra stars? Is there any reason why my partner would have more stars even though I've completed more levels?

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    It sounds very odd. I don't know of any way to get stars except getting 1 for each level you complete.

    so I can't understand how you both could be so different.
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    I find it frustrating that some things cost so many stars. I mean, why on earth does it take 2 stars to serve tea? I have to work too hard for the stars to use them on things like that.

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    I know right?? I spent three stars to get the Butler to reach up and grab a kitten stuck in a tree.... Really??

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