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Thread: "Design Before Buy" Mode For Decoration Purchases

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    "Design Before Buy" Mode For Decoration Purchases

    I have no expectation this will ever be implemented, but this sub forum is for wishes, and I desperately want/need this feature! LOL

    When buying decorations, I would like the ability to place multiple items in my town without completing any purchase. As each item is placed, there would be a spot on the screen adding up the total amount of money everything costs. You would have the option to get rid of something you placed, and it would be subtracted from your total. There would also be a BUY button on the screen which you would select when you were ready to make your purchases.

    I think this would be helpful for a few different reasons:

    (1) I want to see what I'm getting before I buy. Yes, you can hover the object over the spot in your town before clicking to buy it, but that's not the same as seeing it in place. Plus, often my design is dependent upon multiple items. For example, maybe someone wants to make a field of flowers with several different varieties. In their head Gladioli and Gerberas might look great together, but when they place 8 of them together in an alternating pattern suddenly they realize it looks terrible. The flowers cost 1200 & 1650 each respectively, so that is a big waste of money.

    (2) Reduce accidental purchase: I've read a lot of comments from people that have accidentally spent money on deco, especially if they just meant to place an item once but accidentally kept clicking and wound up buying multiples. To deal with this, I've seen it suggested that there be a confirmation window for deco purchases, but I think that would prove annoying if you had to click OK for every single decoration purchased. I believe my plan addresses both those concerns. If you place something by mistake, you have the option to delete it before your coins are deducted, AND you have the option of placing lots of deco and only having to click a button confirming your purchases ONCE (at the end).

    I don't think this would require much of a change to the current format for purchasing deco. You would still have the same store and method of selecting an item. But instead of it saying "Buy for $XX" when you select that item, it could say "Add for $XX." In the lower right hand corner of the screen, I would place a BUY button and right on top or below it, have the running total of everything you are purchasing. After you place an item, you can click on it and the red X can show up on the screen again to remove it from your design if you no longer want it. Once you have everything in place you click BUY, otherwise you exit without buying and anything you put in place obviously disappears.
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