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Thread: Special Events Suggestion

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    Special Events Suggestion

    I think it would be a great improvement to give us ‘special’ aquariums for the decorations we get in the special events that tie into the event. I would much rather have all the Halloween decorations in a Haunted Mansion type aquarium and the Christmas decorations in a Christmas Village aquarium than getting lost in Egypt, Japan, etc. Then we could go back to those aquariums each year and add to them.

    (I thought I already submitted this idea yesterday, but it hasn’t shown, so I’m sorry if it does end up a duplicate.)

    I also dislike the Christmas event and how it is being run. Very much preferred the Halloween or Spring Flowers way of getting the special event decorations.


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    Hi! I'd love to have such festive aquariums in the game However, I'm not sure our developers will be able to add this special group of fish tanks Though you can always choose the aquarium that fits the ongoing event best and decorate it as you wish!

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