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Thread: Can't beat level 14

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    Can't beat level 14

    I cannot beat level14 if anyone has any suggestions let me know because I can't buy extra lives so I only have 5 try before I'm out of lives

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    Hun, try to reveal gnomes not caring much for the pears until you get that collect ball that shoots out after you've bombed several bombs and collect the pears by it. My son found it hard too so I helped out. :-)

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    I need help with level 3103

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    I also feel extremely sad. I never won coins with the competitions and from I am playing gardenscapes now about 3 years I just get 2 times with the lucky wheel the jackpot. I must most of the times buy extra coins and it started to not working good out with my budget anymore. I know I am only on level 3103 now that is because I was bought new phone and also new simcard. In July last year. And then I was download the game again. Please because it is Easter time be nice to me and sent me extra coins.

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