I made sure the day before the Regatta started I had selected "Participate in Regatta" in my settings. When I went to bed there was 6hrs left before the Regatta started. When I woke up I was in spectator mode as if I didn't select participate in Regatta or like I had joined a co-op after the Regatta had started. I am the co-op leader of Tsp KngznQueens and have played other regattas with no issues. I don't understand why this happened but I'm hoping it was just a glitch and I'm able to play the next Regatta. My fiance and I both play and are in the same co-op she didn't have any issues playing the Regatta and I did, it gave her the option to select a task and I couldn't. It said that i had missed the Regatta and I could play the next one. I guess I'm asking if there is anything I might be missing or is this a common problem. I might add that I had a good internet connection the whole time throughout this issue. I also have no issues seeing the chat or my other co-op members, pretty much just the Regatta is the problem.