This is my last resort on getting the attention of customer support. It seems they don't really care about their players and the issues they have. We recently had an issue with the new update. My co leader of my co op updated his game and there was a message saying he was cheating and all his points for the current regatta were taken away and his chat was turned off. We saw a message in chat stating that he was cheating and all his points were taken away. We were all in shock because we know that he would not cheat. For this to be stated in chat is totally unacceptable. He immediately contacted support and told them he did not and several of our co op members have emailed support. Yes we got a confirmation email stating that they received our email but no one has heard anything. In the meantime he is not allowed to play in our regatta and is still waiting to hear from customer support. Why is this taking so long to resolve? He deserves an apology and needs to be reinstated in the game. Not only for him but a full blown message in chat stating that he was wrongly accused. I understand that their are cheaters in the game but George is not one of them.
I use to play fv2 and stopped playing that game because of a lack of customer support they didn't care about thir players unless you spent money. That is why I started playing this game. Now it seems that Township customer support doesn't care either. When are you going to fix this????? I spend plenty of money on this game and love playing but I am getting to the point of giving up. Please resolve this issue and reinstate George.