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Thread: Harbour Cheating Glitch

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    Harbour Cheating Glitch

    There is a glitch in game allowing people to get free and unlimited Island products, including opening treasure chests, along with unlimited access to friends markets and unlimited free bars of gold, silver, platinum and copper. I don’t wish to go into details as to how, but this is an issue that Playrix needs to address as it gives those of us who play fair a huge disadvantage when racing against them either in regattas or in the current contest. One clue as to who might be using this glitch is that they may have their markets right next to their harbours.

    Another thing this glitch allows is for people to finish Island tasks in the regatta in less than one minute!

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    Just beat me to it Dan. Now for those of you reading, imagine facing a team with every member (even those in low levels) who have every single available factory upgraded to the maximum, access to unlimited market goods, boat goods, chests, ingots (and obviously contained in those chests occasionally tc) and you are looking at facing a team who could, in theory, complete every single task (all 480) in a matter of a couple of hours.
    As this is my first time commenting in the forum I’m not entirely sure if I can name you a co-op as an example to go check out?

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    Are you sure it’s a “glitch” and not a cheat program?

    Also, how can either of you know the upgrades, Friends market access, etc of these players?

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    It is a glitch. You can go into a person’s town and see what is in their market and harbour. Friends who do this leave one boat full of products from each of the four islands. You can then go to their town, see their boats, take whatever product you want, and the boats are still full in your friend’s town. If Playrix doesn’t already know about this they can pm me and I will tell them how it is done.
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    Wow! And the cheaters prosper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Donaldson View Post
    . If Playrix doesn’t already know about this they can pm me and I will tell them how it is done.
    PM you? Didn't you report it?

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    Oh. Em. Gee.

    I can see a few in just the top ten of our event leaders (all i could stand to look at before I wanted to puke) have markets placed at the harbour, and full ships sitting there too. As do all the other members of their coop. And that’s just the most visible tip of the iceberg, it seems. I’m beyond disgusted.

    Edit: I’ve pm’d Anna asking her to take a look at this thread. Thanks Dan, and your all-seeing eye for cheaters!
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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    PM you? Didn't you report it?
    How are you meant to report this? We’re not talking about 1 player or 1 co-op, we talking likely hundreds of co-ops with thousands of players all exploiting this glitch (and that’s a conservative estimate). This is not someone downloading a hack or installing a mod, this is an actual fault within the programming of the game itself that would allow you, me and every other player who plays township to exploit this in a matter of seconds. The glitch itself is so widespread i’m not even sure playrix are aware of it. I have witnessed entire co-ops with every single player having their market, mine and foundries in the exact same place, they don’t even have to be in your co-op to do this, they can do it through the friends list as long as your market etc is in the same place on the map (it doesn’t have to be next to harbour either though most seem to be). You don’t have to scratch deep to find it either, take a look at the leaderboard in the event currently ongoing and you’ll find lots in there in co-ops with everyone having the same placements (3 people in the top 30 are in the same co-op!). I don’t need to explain how much of an advantage unlimited boat goods, unlimited market and ingots are over those of us who play fair, we just want acknowledgement that playrix are aware of it, and are working on a fix

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    Upsetting placing market by harbor and ships at port could be called cheating. I have market by habor since beginning of game as it makes since for market to be near incoming ships to maintain freshness of fish and fruit for townspeople. I have ships sitting at port in case I get mystery task for ships.How is this cheating?

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    It isn’t, and nobody is saying it is. Don’t worry about it, it sounds a perfectly sensible place to put it

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