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Thread: How many of you use the dealer?

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    at lower lvls id focus on opening up all the ques in factorys and buying more market crates. after that you should be high enough lvl to get good use out of him

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    I use him all the time, find him helpful filling plane orders and helping friends. Ran out of t cash last week ( was waiting for sale ) . Really struggled to fill planes and participate in regatta without him !!

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    I rarely use him. I usually get the stuff elsewhere. Also, I save my cash just for making more room in factories and getting more space in my shed. Shed space is sooo crucial.

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    I don't use him as I use my farm cash other places, I earn all my cash playing the game as our family buget dose not allow actual cash to be spent on the game. That said I know a few of my co-op memebers do use him to help out everyone in our co-op!

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